Saturday, May 16, 2020


Bouneschlupp -  or Luxembourg's favorite soup! This chunky green bean and potato soup lets local hearts beat a little lighter every time it's dished. I made mine with bacon lardons but when it comes to this traditional recipe, there is no right or wrong. I guess there are as many recipes as there are Luxembourgish households in the Grand-Duchy. And yet it's possible that there are more than one recipe in a household. 

I chose this special recipe for my blog event Passion meets World. As traveling has been banned for a while now, and we can't be sure when borders will open again, I thought it would be nice to create a Hashtag with the same name, to collect recipes from all over the world so the Passion meets Creativity can discover different dishes and cultures until free movement is back on the agenda again. 

For 4 people you need:
450g French beans
1 large potato
1 onion
250g bacon lardons
1 tsp summer savoury (Bounekräitchen)
1,5L vegetable stock
1 bay leaf
25g butter
4 tsp flour (more if necessary)
80 ml cream
salt & pepper


Prepare all your veg before cooking your soup: wash and trim the beans, then cut them into little cubes (+/- 1 cm). Peel the potato and cut into middle sized cubes as well. Finely chop the onion. 

Now add the butter to a large frying pan, melt it, then add the onions and bacon lardons. Fry for a few minutes and add the flour. Fry for another minute and add the vegetable stock. Bring everything to a boil, throw in the beans and potatoes, then add the bay leave and summer savoury and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. 

Once the vegetables are cooked through, divide the soup between 4 plates. For those who like it add  a dash of cream to the soup.


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