Hello and welcome to Passion meets Creativity, my culinary universe where love for food is at the centre of it all. I have been blogging since 2012 and usually post new, original content on a monthly basis. 

In my blog posts I am presenting the recipes I've developed along with their origins and what inspired me to go for that particular result. On my Instagram account, I publish recipes in my feed and post a lot of stories that give insight into my foodie life. These stories (generally saved in my highlights) include food from my travels, my favourite places for eating out and thereby dish reviews. I also cover events I am invited to and show the results of my collaborations.  

Independent high quality content creation is becoming more and more relevant in the current advertising world where it's no longer enough to solely focus on product awareness and image campaigns. As a blogger, I can combine brands with content in a genuine way and thus offer a win-win situation for all parties involved.  

You think Passion meets Creativity is a good fit for your company and are interested in starting an authentic collaboration? Please check hereunder what to expect and contact me under



Recipe development for your brand
Food photography
Blog events
Cookbook presentations
Product testing (food, kitchen devices/utensils)*
Recipe tasting in restaurants*


It is very important to me that I am publishing honest content, not only for myself, but also for all of my followers for whom I have great respect. I therefore carefully choose my collaboration partners as I want sponsored content to fit my values and the interests of my followers.  I am the author of all pictures and text on my blogs. When I publish sponsored content, my readers will see that it is a paid partnership.  

*I am always open and curious to test new products or discover new restaurants and report on them, but please note that if you invite me or send me products to review, I will share my honest opinion about them. This will always be objective and factual.  


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