Friday, February 10, 2012

Chili con Carne

Let's spice up these cold winter days!

The  Serbian government has declared the state of emergency in the country. For three weeks now we've been dealing with extreme weather conditions and according to today's forecast it won't get any better within the next 3 weeks. So I decided that if my heaters don't manage to keep me warm, I would prepare a good old spicy Chili. 

The best thing about Chili is that starting with the basic recipe you can always add your favorite ingredients to give it some personal touch. I really love its colors. I find that the summery colors bring some sunshine into your plate, which is really needed during this extremely cold winter. 

For 6 bowls you need:

1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1200g minced beef 
600g red beans
300g canned corn
1200g fresh diced tomatoes 
1 chili pepper (optional)
200 g tomato concentrate 
2 ts cayenne pepper
salt & pepper

In a medium sized pot brown the onion, the garlic clove and minced beef in olive oil. Add the tomatoes and chili pepper and some of the seasonings. After 15 minutes you can add the canned corn and the red beans and some tomato purée. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Check and stir frequently. If you think that you will need a bit more tomato purée, add some more.  

As mentioned above you can add a lot of ingredients to give your Chili a personal touch. 
For instance, when I last cooked it for my friends, we decided to have our Chili in wraps. This is a very tasty alternative. You can add some Guacamole, sour cream or grated Emmental to it. These three ingredients definitely pimp your wrap. 


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