Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Salmon Cheesecake

Easter is just around the corner and I think no one will forget the lockdown edition. But let's not focus on things we cannot change anyways, let's concentrate on the things that are in our hands. Like good food for example. No matter how we celebrate Easter this year, nothing prevents us from having a delicious meal. 

Over the last years, people chose to organise delicious brunches to reunite with their loved ones. I love brunches. I really do. The fact that you have a buffet full of yummy dishes and pastries, with all their different flavours and textures, excites me in forever new ways. And as it seems, I am not the only one. That's why we, the food bloggers of Luxembourg, teamed up to create a fine selection of seasonal brunch recipes. Scroll down to the recipe to discover them all. 

For one cheesecake you need:
200g Grissini
120g butter
200g salmon + 100g to decorate
330g cream cheese
270g quark cheese
2 eggs
juice of one lemon
chives to taste


Preheat the oven to 150°

Melt the butter and crush the Grissini. Pour the melted butter over the Grissini an mix briefly to combine. Season with salt. 

Line the bottom of a springform with baking paper, then put the crumbs onto the base. Press with a glass to get an even base. Refrigerate for at least 15min. 

Cut the salmon into small slices. Whisk together the cream cheese, quark cheese and salmon until you get an even mixture. Add the eggs, then the juice of one lemon. Mix again. Chop the chives and add them to the cheese cream. Season with salt and pepper. 

Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the crumbs and bake for 50 minutes in bain-marie. If you can't bake it in bain-marie but have an oven that has a steam shot function, put it on maximum for baking. After 50 minutes, turn off the oven and let the cheesecake cool inside. Then put it into the fridge for 12 hours to rest.

Before serving, decorate the cheesecake with the remaining salmon and some chives.



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