Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Banana Raspberry Parfaits

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, yet unfortunately the one I take the least time for. I know it's not ideal, and most of all not very healthy. On weekends however, I really love taking all my time in the morning. Getting up, preparing breakfast, or a sort of home cooked brunch and watching my favourite series. The main reason of my current rhythm is that I prefer to sleep longer instead of sitting half tired half stressed in the kitchen. When I take the time to prepare wholesome meals, I really love to enjoy them and taste every inch of the plate (or jar in this case)

These banana raspberry cups are inspired from a breakfast I once had at a local coffee shop. But obviously I adjusted it to my taste, and amended the fruit-yoghurt-muesli ratio. The more banana the better. Do you agree on that one? What I love about breakfast parfaits is that you can easily make them ahead and take them to work, or have them as a fruity item on your next brunch buffet. 

For 2 parfaits you'll need:
2 bananas
4 tbsp muesli/granola
250g raspberries
250g yoghurt


In a saucepan cook the raspberries over middle heat (keep a few to decorate). Stir regularly until they have softened and remove from heat, then let cool. Meanwhile, blend the bananas until very creamy. Pour into the jars to form the ground layer. Add 2 tbsp of muesli or granola to each jar. Add half of the yoghurt to each jar as well. Add some raspberries on top of each jar.


Are you planning on making this recipe? Or have you already tried it?
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